Centre for Clinical Immunology

Contracts with all health insurance companies, medical examination possible
even without a recommendation from your GP


The Centre for Clinical Immunology is a private medical practice specialized in

  • Allergology
  • Immunology
  • Neurology
  • Internal medicine
  • Nephrology
  • Acupuncture and Psychosomatic medicine

We look after clients with all types of allergies (skin rashes, eczema, pollen allergy, bronchial asthma), immunity disorders (with focus on repeated respiratory infections, flu-like syndromes, thyroid gland disorders, genital herpes and warts, chlamydial infections, long-term tiredness and chronic fatigue syndrome, fungal infections and candidiasis, infertility and repeated miscarriages, etc.). At our neurological department we solve problems like headaches and lower-back pain, not only by using pharmaceuticals but also by more natural methods.

We have contracts with all the Czech health insurance companies (e.g. VZP). Our clients with another kind of health insurance or with troubles which are not charged to the VZP are kindly asked to pay their health care costs in cash – Section „Ceník služeb“.

In our medical practice, it is possible to make an appointment without a recommendation from a General practitioner.

Our ordering terms are short. Appointments can be booked with short waiting times. Moreover, you will be able to book an appointment quickly and very comfortably via our ordering form – Section „Objednejte se“.

“Havelský trh“ office: Closest parking – National theatre, shopping malls Kotva or Palladium. But we recommend using the brilliant access available by public transport – Metro A/B – Můstek or Metro B Národní třída.

If you would like to share your question about any health problems with our experts, feel free to use our on-line counseling.

You will be welcomed by a nice, friendly and a truly family-like atmosphere. In the course of over ten years and at the same address, we have treated more than 10 000 patients.. Moreover, since 2013 we started to run our second practice at Prague 10, Malešice. This practice will be focused on neurology, pediatrician allergy and immune disorder treatment.

Outpatient dept. “Malešice“: Parking is available near the office.

And you can be sure; you will not spend the whole day in the waiting room!